Illuminated Room Accent Panels


Our Illuminated Room Accent Panels display gray scale (black & white) images of your favorite photo, outdoor scenery, or anything you can think of. The images are backlit with a multi-color LED light panel which you have full control of. These panels will give you many choices of colors and effects to illuminate your images. 

Your images will be printed on high quality commercial grade material with a matte finish  

(non-gloss) on one side and gloss finish on the second side. This will give you additional options for the look of your Accent Panel!

The Illuminated Room Accent Panel is made with high quality and bright LED’s so your images will look great in any ambient light!

Use your favorite image or pick from our online selection!

Tired of looking at the same image all the time?  Just change it out!

Our stylish Illuminate Room Accent Panels, allow you to simply slide out the image and slide in a new one. It’s that easy...!

Change your images by the Season, Holidays or, even Special Occasions!